Valara’s unique access and proven track record allows the Fund Managers to construct a portfolio of property finance investments which provide a spread by geography, loan structure, Investment Provider and project type thereby enhancing the risk-adjusted return.

The Investment Team’s approach to diversification is a key differentiator of the Fund to
direct investment in proprietary funds as it provides investors in the Fund with exposure across a number of respected Investment Providers.

The Investment Team has a robust process through which it conducts due diligence on, and selects, an appropriate mix of Investment Providers who have the capability to deliver strong investor returns. This selection and appointment process reduces investment manager risk as well as maximising the Valara’s access to pipeline deal flow.

investment highlights

  • Investment in a Consistently High Returning Asset Class
  • Increased Portfolio Efficiency
  • Superior Targeted Returns
  • Focused Investment Strategy
  • Access to Exclusive Transactions and Preferential Deal Terms
  • Strong and Experienced Investment Team
  • A Well Diversified Property Finance Investment
  • Highly Respected Cornerstone Investors

Investment Providers

Valara seeks to invest funds in transactions sourced from some of Australia’s leading non-bank property finance arrangers and lenders. These Investment Providers have long associations with the Fund’s cornerstone investors and have all historically delivered strong, risk-adjusted returns through the current property cycle.

Investment Providers include (but are not limited to):


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